Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Break Cont...

Green and gray are two colors that define Oregon. The intoxicating power of Oregon affects me even before I reach it. First I lose my voice... not in a physical sense, but metaphorically speaking, where before I would have felt free to share my thoughts to anyone, my future thoughts would have been content to stay indoors. Soon after my eyes open wide, awakening fully, spurned by the dull yet vivid wet green, to take in the beauty around me. Next as if from a hidden well, my heart begins to fill until its contents spill. This spillage is invaluable to waste nothing the pages of a blank notebook hold the contents until they can be returned. On several occasions in my youth, when i was till too naive to know the impact of my emotions I fell into deep depressions from where i could only be stirred by the warm dry days of CA...

Monday, December 15, 2008

winter break

Three months have never gone by faster and i now find myself in a season that represents some very dark memories in my past. By dark i don't mean that i have been subjected to horrible circumstances or anything of that nature, i simply imply that my emotions are a lot like the weather during this time of year. Clouds always seem to accompany everything i do from December to February. For most of the break i'll be in oregon, which doesn't hold the greatest memories either, but i intend to change that. Over the past couple of years i've learned a lot about myself and how I work. If i leave my mind to fate and allow my emotions to rule, turmoil follows. For most of my life i lived subjected to this tendency and as a result my mood swung drastically throughout the seasons... I am naturally a really joyful person. I take pleasure in people around me, both those i know and those i don't know. i appreciate small things in life as well as the big and I am thankful for everything that comes my way. But I am also very contemplative, which in itself can only lend good to any given situation, but i can take extreme turns into introversion and contemplation where i have to dig myself out. Overcast skies and green landscapes are two of the things that capture my eyes and draw me into a deep state of thought.

to be continued...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

shifting some bits

this artist out of New York, NY by the name of Bit Shifter has been rocking my socks off with a pair of game boys, some loop gear and a beat maker. Muy Talentado if do say so myself. check it out!

Bit Shifter // Blip Festival 2007: The Videos from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.