Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Schedule :)

I've noticed a routine consisting of leisure and borderline sloth-like activities develop over the past months. My days go as follows.

Wake up: 11am

Eat breakfast. Smoke cigarette.

Then: either read [pick one of following: Animorphs, CS Lewis or LOTR] or watch food network until "lunch" usually accompanied by cigarettes and some type of summery drink

2 or 3 pm: eat some sort of "lunch", usually sandwich or another lighter option

rest of afternoon: read or watch t.v. see the pattern ;)

7pm: eat dinner with my family, then watch more t.v. or read more

Rest of night: stay up stupid late watching more t.v./reading while smoking cigarettes and snacking occasionally or hanging out with friends (mainly the first option)

2-3am: go to bed finally, exhausted.

aaaaaaaannnnddd repeat. Hopefully if I keep this up I will end up actually wanting to go back to school when the time comes ;)

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