Friday, January 16, 2009


I just got a card from my grandpa. It carried with it the meditations of his mind on scripture. My grandpa is a man of few words. Fewer, than one might think, are his words found in person than on paper. He is wise in this point. He doesn't speak unless it is worthwhile and to him the only things worthwhile in this world are the words of God. How privileged am I to hear the meditations from a man's most prized possession. How stupid would I have to be to ignore the rarity of his thoughts. My Grandpa's only request after the detailing of his meditations was this, Be Obedient. "Obedience is the only way to experience God's best for your life". Obedience in will, in heart, in mind, in action. While these are not original words, I couldn't imagine a harder concept to flesh out. Obedience is what God requires of me and Obedience is what my Grandpa demonstrates. How blessed am I?


desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

this is wonderful.
and so true.

i cant imagine, yet what it will be like to have children and grandchildren and yearn so deeply for them to undertstand the joy and blessings entailed when we live obediently. its hard to reiterate to others. your grandpa is a wise man.

Alex said...

yeah he is.