Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hmm mmm

Last night, at the moment where I entered actual sleep, I had a split second dream/nightmare/whatever. Something fluttered from my body (that is the point where I woke up) and flew to the ceiling and I was afraid that it would fall on me, so I stood on my bed (half awake) and started swatting at the air around that area on the ceiling. I kept at it, and then thought that I couldn't hit it because it was dark. I then got my phone and started to shine it on the ceiling to better see it. Right after I started, my roomate woke up and asked me, "Alex, are you alright?" Apparently I looked frantic enough or the act I was caught in looked bizarre enough for his inquiring, but as soon as I explained to him what I was doing I realized how ridiculous it sounded. So I got off of my bed, put my phone away, and I got back under the covers.

it's only now that I realized what that thing could have been... I didn't imagine it, it really happened. I am convinced. But I am not haunted by it.

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