Saturday, February 14, 2009


For the past two weeks I have had a dream every night. 9 days ago I had a dream that I got a mac book.

Two days after the dream my parents came to visit and wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday. I told them that if I got a mac book I could do a lot of recording but I can't afford one. They said that they couldn't afford one either. Today I drove up to San Jose for the weekend and tonight my family and I went out for sushi. At the sushi place my Dad told me that God had had blessed him with an unexpected gift and that they were going to get me a mac book.

God is faithful to provide.


desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

oh MY GOOOSSHHH! yay!!!!!!! alex this is awesome!!!

and as i was persuing (i dont know if thats how you spell it or not..) the bookshelves at barnes and noble for hours the other day, i saw a book about dreams and interpreting them. i thought i should get it. and thought of you.

but then there we would be for hours maybe days on end, disecting our dreams and our lives which we already probably spend WAY too much time pondering anyway...

i think i will get the book eventually

yay on the mac! i think it is pleasing to the Lord when we recognize that it is His hand that is providing for us and not some fault of our own. and happy early birthday.

Alex said...

thank you!!!! thanks for sharing the joy of this moment desiree, i really appreciate it!