Friday, February 13, 2009

Short Story idea

Here's an idea I have for a short story... I recently told a friend it on facebook so this is the chain that lead to the description of it.

its about a boy who's single mother protects him from the sea and he does not know why
i still have to develop what his everyday life is like

his next door neighbor is an old sea man who has a connection with the sea too but was driven from it because of the loss of his wife


there is something magical that connects the two and after the initial set up (everyday life and what not) the boy has to rely on the experiences of the old man in order to conquer what the sea represents in his life

so... thats very vague

i like it
lots of metaphor

im going to tie in some mythology
im thinking the boy is a demigogue and his mother is afraid of losing him
and the old man has a tie with the same mythology
the sea is just such a magical mystical place so i think it could make for a very inspiring story
lots of loss, lots of heart break
and only enough redemption in the end to make it seem like hope is possible


Mitchell said...

I like it...

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

i think the boy should have blue shorts. and the man--a tweed hat. and somewhere in the distance a lighthouse

just what i imagined.

Alex said...

hmmm, maybe... I like the shorts and the hat.

p.s. when i said demigogue i meant demigod.