Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 18 1987

So on my birthday I have two labs, both four hours, and a huge paper to finish. Happy birthday, to me. But seriously it is not that big of a deal. A birthday is a birthday and you can celebrate it anywhere in anyway just as long as it is a "day"!! so in that sense I am really excited! But to be completely honest I kind of wished I followed through on. I was planning on doing my b-day differently (and the only reason why I am writing this is because I know that only three people read this, occasionally). I wanted to rearrange the way I celebrated my b-day.

I wanted to buy gifts for the important people in my life and thus switch the focus of my birthday from me to them. Because while today was the day I was born, I want my birthday to represent a celebration of the day I got do meet such amazing people!!! Birthdays in america are (ulteriorly) very self-centered celebrations. This is the DAY I was born!!!!! GIVE ME STUFF!!!!! I may be over-exaggerating but there is some truth to it. I think that is backwards.

It should be this is the day I was born and I have already been show blessed with your presence in my life that I want to bless you!!!!! I want to do this for the rest of my life. I am switching things around to the way they should be. Instead of a celebration of self, it should be a celebration of others.

The greatest gift my parents have given me is life!!! among many other, truly very valuable things! The last thing I deserve is a gift from them! I should show my appreciation for them! and that is just an example of how grateful I am for so many people in my life.

But alas I did not follow through and I feel guilty... I don't think I should, but I do nonetheless. This is motivation for me to make sure I do it next year... s;fjklasdf

So to you who read this... don't tell anybody I am going to do it. Its not meant to be something that people should know about, but I figured I needed to air it out. Happy birthday me because I am so so so very blessed to have such very good friends (that would mean you).


Mitchell said...

Firstly, happy birthday. Secondly, I really enjoy reading your blog, and even if there are only 3 of us who read it, it means a lot and is definitely worth it. I appreciate your thoughts about reversing the traditions tied with birthdays. Keep writing. Have a great day in your labs and let me know when you want to celebrate your birthday, maybe over coffee or something.

Alison Wonderland said...

you go alex! way to be! break those traditions. and I am happy that you liked the hat that I got you... it makes me happy to give to you even though you just claimed that you didnt want anything- it was fun to make you smile! i love you and you are the best brother ever- dont ever doubt it. and i am the 4th person to read this- i just usually never comment- but i will start! :) <3

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

theres gotta be more than 3.

i was thinking today as i was singing in the shower--that things need to be celebrated more often--in general.

i read this yesterday and it made me think that i want to celebrate other people even for just little things. it feels good. and you know you love it when other people acknowledge you too.

anyway. i hope you had a wonderful birthday despite the labs. sounds like next year will rock. =]