Tuesday, June 24, 2008

green fields

I look out at water blue,
bordered by flowers in bloom and grass green
yet not more than her eyes.
Oh I wish I could sit there with you,
dream of future plans,
of stupid aspirations
and revel in the moment; drink it in like water.
Hold your sun freckled hand,
play with your sun-bleached hair,
embrace the moment like the grandpa I never had.
If only life stayed vibrant
like photographs.
I'd finally appreciate every moment,
no matter how stupid or simple.
We would walk down quiet unpaved roads,
look at the trees--talk about bees,
or just how it's amazing that the earth moves all by itself.
There will come a day,
maybe soon,
where I can live life like I imagine I'd do with you.
Where the Lord is my portion
and I wait patiently like He does; where without you
I could still breath in the sweet air,
revel in the moment,
and paint pictures of the present in my head instead of the future.
There will come a day
when I will be patient and man enough to be good to someone like you.
I would like that very much,
even if it is not you.


desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

wow alex!!
i love it!! do you sing it?
i hope its not only a poem but a song


Alex said...

hmmm not a bad idea.