Thursday, June 12, 2008

thoughts from my day

The main flaw I have as a songwriter is a lack of adaptivity... I make an impact with my music in intimate, close settings. But that does not translate well onto a stage with a microphone. And I don't know how to change that.

Disappointments of the day:
-getting charged extra because of a late ticket payment, which I hope was caused by mailing errors.
-getting a fee for punching a hole in my dorm room wall, and what they called a recore lock
-finding out that hume lake raped me out of 250 bucks for two weeks of room and board.
-realizing I may not be going back to hume
-selling my guitar for less then I could have gotten

Highlights of the day:
-playing with troubadour
-being told my phlebotomy resume was impressive
-talking to the CEO of Phi Delta Epsilon

I think that God may be telling me that I care too much about money... well saying that God is telling me might be a stretch, but he may be using these things to enlighten my state of mind...
Why do I care about money so much... its pointless.

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