Saturday, June 21, 2008

my monster

There was this monster I met not long ago
He was big, hairy and loud
and surprisingly not very scary
But for some reason
every time he showed himself
people ran away screaming
yet he hadn't opened his mouth

now if you were him
or if you were me
you would have something to say
because its quite unfortunate
that people should act this way

What they don't see is that his hair is fuzzy
and what is loud is his laugh
if they would just stop before running
you know take the time and do the math

they would see that this big monster
is really quite a good catch
one that won't run away
no matter how bad the circumstance

for his size is good to lean on
when going through really hard times
and his laugh is good to cheer you
after one thousand failed tries

but they give him no chance
to this day they still run away
that's why I'm his really good friend
a friend that will always remain

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