Monday, June 9, 2008


Pros/Con List for smoking

-looks bad ass... sometimes
-Is fun... sometimes
-don't have to go through the process of quitting...
-quitting=suckfest '08

-History of lung cancer in family
-Don't really enjoy it as much
-screws with ma singing voice
-smells bad
-my mom hates it
-wastes time
-causes me to cough, excessively
-some of my friends hate it
-doesn't really do me any good
-girls don't really like it... and i'm ALL ABOUT THEM GIRLS... (?)
-need to quit anyways, don't want to smoke around my kids or wife... or girlfriend for that

it's pretty obvious what I should do. dang it, I hate exercising self-control.


Anonymous said...

the third pro is def the one that makes the most sense.

so, what happened to the car thing? is that still in effect? or are you walking everywhere a lot?

awoodrow said...

i am rather fond of the first pro.

andrew said...
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andrew said...

i like the first pro too